The predecessor of HOEZ TECHNOLOGY COMPANY was GONG DER METAL CO..  At the beginning, YIDE screw factory was established in May of 1980, engaging in the production of sporting goods, screw compressors, and large-sized screws and nuts.


       Renamed as GONG DER METAL CO. in 1989:


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           □ Elaborate and minute electrical screws      

           Multi-stroke cold forged products

           □ Spindle shafts for Tape Recorders

           □ V-type and U-type grooves for high speed cold rolling

           □ Secondary specific rework on the ends of C and R angles





          Tending toward information-orientation, refinement           


          The products of our company are famous for precision and high quality.


          The marketing area is based mainly on Japan and Taiwan.


          Our company respects customers and presents three commitments to customers.


I. Customization service for customers


  We can carry out the R&D that the customer needs, and can accept special orders from customers, to develop the products with superior quality that the customer has in mind.


II. Provides customers with high quality products


    We use wholly-new machines and instruments and hire excellent machine engineers, to make products possessing good stability and precision.  This makes the precision of the product reach a fine tolerance of plus or minus 0.01mm (external diameter: plus or minus 0.01mm, length: plus or minus 0.02mm).  Also, due to the strict quality sifting and using quality circle control management, this reduces the rate of defects to the lowest minimum.  We can provide customers with high precision and high quality products.


III. Provides customers with exact delivery date


   We use wholly-new semi-automated machines, which makes the monthly production reach 50 million units.  Due to the high production of our company, we can meet the customer’s needs and deliver the goods to the customer on time.


We are not only a parts provider but also a business partner to help you solve production problems.


HOEZ solves your problems, 

how easy!  





   精密微小之電子螺絲      多沖程冷鍛產品

   收錄音機輪軸         高速冷間輾造V型槽.U型溝









      我們使用了全新的機械儀器以及聘請了優良的機械工程師,使產品擁有了良好的穩定度以及精密度,使得產品的精確度可達到 公差+-0.01mm(外徑+-0.01mm,長度+-0.02mm),再加上嚴格的品質篩選及利用品管圈的控制管理,使我們產品不良率也減到了最低.我們可以提供客戶高精密高品質的產品





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